Series Two: Races of Lannithir

Erdai, Part Two

The Ancients.  The first born spoken into existence by the living god Er have been granted immortality, and charged as guardians of Olam.  They follow the righteous path of the Orach, and are given their power through Er’s Unquenchable Fire.  The Erdaim are slender and strong, and slightly taller than men, although for the most part the two races are indistinguishable.  Their senses of sight and hearing are keener than those of mortal men, and their demeanor can best be described as both lofty and grave.  Although their general nature is good and they detest the works of evil, the Erdaim can be seduced by wickedness that seems fair.  The three tribes of Erdaim are the Elerdaim, Malerdaim and Verdaim.

     To men the Erdaim only exist in legend as elves, shee’a, or fairies.  They are a vigilant race and maintain strict secrecy, unwilling to reveal themselves to western man until it is their time. 

Let’s take a peek at the racial traits of Selanne the Verdai, our hero from part one:

The Children of the Wood.  The last and most independent tribe of the Erdaim tend to have brown to black hair and tan to dark complexions.  Although known for their song and poetry, the Verdaim practice guerilla warfare against their enemies, using brutal, if not savage, tactics.  Like the other two tribes of Erdaim, the Verdaim also hail from the other side of the Ardamghar Mountains.  Nonetheless, as the eyes and ears of the three tribes, several companies of long range scouts can be found in the Akkad and Finsamm forests observing western man.
     If a player wishes to play the race of the Erdaim, it is suggested they choose the Verdai.  It is important that it be stressed that the Erdaim still exist as legend in the minds of man, and that a player pursuing this race should make every attempt to keep their race in secrecy.  For game purposes this class may access feats that have elf as a prerequisite. 

Verdai Characteristics: Artistic, brutal, fleet, independent, passionate, savage, suspicious.

Male Names: Asham, Boshim, Haman, Izban, Mashek, Nabel, Ohad, Padon, Rispah, Seron, Shobin, Tobin, Uzzan.

Female Names: Amasa, Erniel, Baneen, Belva, Elah, Hothia, Maaik, Nimphasia, Pinpah, Scevah, Terah, Zazen.

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