Series Three: History

The First Age – The Fall of the West

For two millennia the peoples of the West fought and struggled against one another, until the seven most prominent nations were forged into the continent of Morithir.  These were Tuanna, Draigtir, Pohja, Kazdim, Lusinia, Vanzig, and Ruskolyn.
     These kingdoms continued to develop and survive despite the ever present war, and for the most part their lands remained intact. 
     Then came the ill fated day that a dark lord rose to power within the kingdom of Ruskolyn, and he created a war machine that shook the very earth.  His name was Nedred the Destroyer.
     Nedred formed a puppet alliance with the kingdom of Vanzig before invading, and crushing, Lusinia.  The nations of Tuanna, Draigtir, and Pohja put aside their differences and formed an alliance against this threat, and for two decades stood together while the empire of Kazdim remained neutral.
     Through the use of the dark arts Nedred bred a small army of flesh eating beasts know as the Talin.  This was the killing stroke in the war, for the combined armies of the alliance were no match for these vicious creatures.  Desperation set in, and the alliance came to the realization that in order for civilized mankind to survive, they would have to flee the continent.

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