Series Three: History

The Second Age – The Crossing of the Stone

Prior to the twenty year War of the West, the maritime kingdom of Tuanna discovered a habitable continent to the east while exploring the Gorm Ocean.  She shared this discovery with her closest ally, Draigtir, and both kingdoms slowly began to colonize this new land which came to be known as Lannithir. 
     With the ultimate fall of the West, King Conn of Tuanna sent his queen and three sons, along with the remnant of his people to this new world.  Conn remained behind to fight, and die, as Lord of a Hundred Battles, and Last King of the West.  The kingdoms of Draigtir and Pohja also evacuated what people they could, while the emperor of Kazdim begged the alliance to rescue his family and nobles from the dreadful fate that awaited them.  Tuanna bitterly agreed.
     In the century that has passed since settling into the eastern continent of Lannithir, the four kingdoms of men have seen their share of struggle and conflict.  Through their continued growth and expansion they have discovered many ancient ruins of a time long past.  It was within one such set of these ruins that an expedition of explorers from Kazdim uncovered, and released, an unspeakable horror.  A dread so unimaginable, that the ancients themselves imprisoned it over a thousand years ago.  This evil has a name… Necrath, the Ice Duke.
     In the decade and a half that has passed since this wicked scourge was loosed upon the land, strange, dark, and violent events have taken place.  Sinister books and scrolls of vile evil and black magic have been discovered, and have twisted the minds of those foolish enough to read them.  Raiding parties of Wittershin have set out from the mountains to wreak havoc and destruction upon men.  These assaults were followed by a full scale war led by the mighty race of Rephaim, from whom the conflict was so named, the War of the Giants. 
     The alliance of Tuanna, Draigtir, and Pohja was reformed, while Kazdim stood aside and looked on; just as she had a century earlier in the west.  For two blood shedding years this campaign raged as the brave nations of men fought together, but continued to yield ground to their aggressors.  Oddly enough, Kazdim was neither threatened nor invaded by the enemy, a fact raising great suspicion and distrust by the alliance.
     Low on reinforcements, supplies, and morale, the alliance came to the ironic realization that they had escaped utter ruin in the west, only to be annihilated a century later here in the east.   Then, just when all hope was thought to be lost, a strange and foreign army appeared on the battle field and swiftly attacked the enemy’s flank.  This allowed the alliance time to regroup and drive the opposition back into the mountains.  As quickly as this mysterious army turned the tide of war, they disappeared from the field creating great legend among men.
     It has been seven years since the War of the Giants ended, and the nations of men have slowly been recovering from their staggering losses.  A keep has been constructed to maintain vigil over the mountain pass, should the enemy ever decide to rear its ugly head again.  All would appear to be calm, for now.  But appearances are deceiving, for deep within the mountains that same evil so recently released, is stirring yet again.

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