Series Six: Chracter Classes


The following classes are available only with approval from the DM, who must ensure there is a clear understanding as to how each fits into the world of Illfrost, and how they should be played.


The divine oaths of the avenger are granted by the living god Er, through his Unquenchable Fire.  Therefore this class will normally be reserved for the race of the Erdaim, unless a PC playing a human can create a valid background as to how their character became trained in this class; and training would without question, have to come from one of the Erdaim.
     A player given permission to play an Erdai, who chooses the avenger class, must take either Elerdai or Verdai as their race.  The Malerdaim are now a fallen race of the Erdai, and cannot access divine powers.  Lastly, this class is only accessible by those choosing good or lawful good, as their alignment.


The barbarian will only be found among the warriors of Ru’el.  Please see the information regarding these people to assist any player wishing to play this class.


In the nations of men a bard is typically a professional poet, employed by a patron to commemorate the patron’s ancestors, and to praise the patron’s achievements.  The bard is also a very influential member of the court, often time serving directly by the side of his king.  He is the voice of the people, he grants his king wisdom, and it is through the bard that some monarchs dispense judgment.  It is even said that in Pohja, the Skalds hold the very power to grant or withhold sovereignty.
     The purest and most basic interest of the bard is the acquisition of knowledge, and there is at least one bardic college, or house of learning, located in each nation.  The release of Necrath and the Dark Arts has fascinated the bards, who until only recently had no knowledge whatsoever of the arcane.   Not realizing that they are furthering the will of Necrath, the bards pursue this new art in a purely academic manner.  They infuse their songs and poetry with this power, making their storytelling all the more fascinating and memorable.  This, to the delight of the adversary, has taken place without any true understanding of the danger involved therein.
     A player wishing to play a bard must have access to the arcane, and therefore is channeling into the dark arts of Necrath, be it willing or not.


Also known as “Speakers” among the Erdaim, the invoker draws his power from the Unquenchable Fire of Er.  Much like the avenger, this class will only be accessible to a human if the character has some type of interaction with the Erdaim.
     A player given permission to play an Erdai, who chooses the invoker class, must take either Elerdai or Verdai as their race.  Finally, this class is only accessible by those taking good or lawful good, as their alignment.


Shamans are typically female and are found amongst the barbarian tribes of the Ru’elim as priestesses, or witches.  For the most part they are unaligned and channel the primal spirits, be they for good or for evil.  These shamans will never advance beyond the heroic tier.
     Good shamans access their power through the Alomer Ephrath, whom they affectionately refer to as “the mother”.  This group understands the Path to Er, and his Unquenchable Fire.  A shaman in this fashion may advance beyond the heroic tier. 
     Evil shamans on the other hand, channel into the Neromer Nevillian, also known as “the duchess”, and draw their spirits from the Iron Crown.  These shamans may also advance beyond the heroic tier.
     A player wishing to play a shaman must hail from Ru’el.


If there is one definitive servant of Malvorn’s Iron Crown, it is the warlock.  This class knowingly manifests its power by channeling directly into one of the adversary’s many servants.  Whether through the Matants, or one of the fallen Alomerim such as Necrath, the warlock has entered a sinister pact with the forces of evil that can never be retracted.
     Unlike the bard or wizard, the warlock is completely cognizant of where his power is drawn, and has entered the contract granting that power willingly.  One playing this class may certainly start out as unaligned, but it is only a matter of time before their soul becomes as dark as the forces they serve.
     Warlocks gain the following features:

MINISTER OF CONFUSIONAny warlock attack spell you use with the damage type keywords cold or necrotic deals one additional die of damage. 

SPIRIT OF DESOLATIONOnce per round when using the Warlock’s Curse, you may choose to spend a healing surge to increase your extra damage by one die.


Upon the release of Necrath, he has persuaded his foolish liberators to carry his dark arts into the world of men.  Whether in the form of tomes manuscripts, or scrolls, this abomination has spread upon mankind much to the displeasure of Er.  Many practitioners of this art, more commonly referred to as wizards, believe they are simply pursuing academia.  While others have sold their very soul to the adversary, and will do his bidding no matter the cost.
     A wizard must have a master of at least two levels higher than himself.  This master’s teachings will always come at a price, whether it is gold, blood or souls.  It is impossible for a wizard of the dark arts to remain good.  In fact, it is only a matter of time before they become as black and cold as the blood coursing through Necrath’s veins.
     Wizards gain the following feature:

THE SPIDER’S WAYAny wizard attack spell you use with the damage type keywords cold or necrotic deals one additional die of damage.

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