Series Six: Character Classes

Illfrost is a very martial campaign setting.  The valiant deeds of western man were based on cold steel and courage, not sorcery.  No form of arcane power existed on the western continent of Morithir until Nedred the destroyer released it like a scourge upon his neighbors, thus forcing the kingdoms of men to flee their homeland and sail east to Lannithir.
     For over a century men have survived in the new lands by continuing to settle their differences with steel.  Only since the release of Necrath, sixteen years ago, has anything resembling the arcane been made available; and this came in the form of wicked books and scrolls teaching the Dark Arts. 
     The options presented to you in this section are there for you to make the most out of this unique campaign setting.  Following them will maintain the setting’s overall storyline.

 The following classes are available for play in the Illfrost campaign setting:


Essentially every cleric from each of the nations of men still worships the nine gods that were established as tradition over 4,000 years ago.  Since western man arrived on the continent of Lannithir however, certain divine powers have been revealed to those wise enough to perceive them.  These powers granted by the nine gods are limited in capacity, for they are not gods at all, but servants of the living god Er known as the Alomerim.  Clerics worshipping any of these nine gods, or Alomerim, will never advance beyond the heroic tier. 
     Clerics accepting Er and following the Orach may progress normally into the paragon tier and beyond.  The Orach will not be made readily available to any human cleric of first level, and most likely can only be accessed through meeting one already serving Er. 
     Although it is possible to serve Malvorn indirectly through ignorance, there are no clerics who knowingly serve him and the Chalal.  The dark enemy’s ministers normally serve their master through the pact of a warlock. 
     Clerics accepting Er, and following the Orach gain the following features:

MINISTER OF FIREEach time you use a prayer with the damage type keyword fire, that damage is also considered to be radiant damage.

FIREBRANDYou can swap one encounter attack prayer you know for one encounter attack prayer of the same level or lower from the Invoker class.  Any time you gain a level, you may change that prayer.


The fighter is the staple of this campaign setting.  It is through his blood and mettle that the kingdoms of men have been forged, whether standing on the line of battle with his brothers-in-arms, or hiring his blade out as a sell sword to the highest bidder.  It is the fighter’s heroic deeds that have defended and preserved the civilized men of the West.


The hybrid lends itself nicely to this setting, in that most heroes of the nations of men are martial by nature.  Therefore one wishing to pursue the arcane or divine would most likely already be trained in wielding a sword.
     A player wishing to hybrid may do so with any of the approved classes.  Those wishing to do so with a restricted class must have DM approval.


Pathfinder, scout, watchman; all of these terms define the ranger of Lannithir.  Whether he is a member of the renowned Rangers of Tuanna, or a grizzled outrider roving the snow covered plains of Pohja, the ranger is the first line of defense in this otherwise hostile land.

RANGER OF TUANNAA member of this elite organization is issued “Cloak & Clasp” upon graduation from their rigorous training.  The clasp resembles a four pointed star overlapped by a rose, symbolizing the wide sector the rangers operate in, as well as secrecy.  The exterior of the cloak is made of thin seal skin and dyed a deep forest green for camouflage purposes, while the interior is lined with white fur for insulation.  The cloak may be reversed for camouflage in the snow, and will give a +3 bonus to any Endurance check made against cold.


In a land of danger, intrigue and mystery, the rogue thrives in Lannithir with his talents and skill set.  A spy posing as an emissary for Kazdim, an actor touring the hamlets of Draigtir who slips out at night to line his purse with gold, a dread pirate who sails under the crossed cutlasses of Krey instilling fear upon every ship on the sea, or simply a cutthroat ruffian who rules the streets with intimidation, the rogue will always find work, and more importantly, always find coin.


At the head of every column, at the forefront of every vanguard, stands the warlord; ready to issue commands and bellow out war cries that will inspire his soldiers to victory.  As long as there are men to lead, this valuable class will always be found on the continent of Lannithir.

Check back to learn more about Illfrost’s restricted classes.

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