Series Seven: The Enemy


The primary nemesis of this campaign setting, which initially starts on the continent of Lannithir, is Necrath, the Ice Duke.  Formerly known as Kemuel, an Alomerim created by Er to assist the Eromerim, Necrath fell to Malvorn’s temptation along with Lamech and Tebah.  By joining in the conspiracy against the Creator, Necrath was given great power by Malvorn through the unholy Iron Crown.
In the First Dispensation of Er, Necrath built a dreadful army, and brought war upon the Erdaim.  Through the resolve of the Creator, the Erdaim defeated Necrath and ultimately imprisoned him in his Ice Keep for a period of one thousand years.  Imprisoned, that is, until his recent release by western man.


The Wittershin are a warrior race of humanoids that were bred in mockery by Necrath using the men of Ru’el.  They are very intelligent, disciplined, and organized, and happen to excel in warfare.
The term “wittershin” is a colloquialism developed by western man by melding the words “winter” and “skin”, as these warriors are capable of functioning at full efficiency in the extremes of cold weather.  The actual name of this race is the Klimm.


Also known as the giant-kin, these mighty beings were sired from the once beautiful shamans of the Fir Maigh by Necrath himself.  While few in number, a handful of Rephaim are a powerful force to contend with, often times changing the very course of battle.
It is worth noting that for giving in to the Ice Duke’s charms and enchantments, the Fir Maigh shamans have forever been cursed as a disfigured Black Annis’.


When the Malerdaim King Maltoth was lead astray into the service of Necrath, he and his lieutenants were rewarded with extraordinary powers.  Dressed in dark armor and wielding wicked swords, these fell knights of the Ice Duke have become perhaps his greatest and most dangerous weapon.
As a result of their transgression, the Araphelim have been marked with pale skin and milky white hair.  Their eyes are solid orbs of inky blackness which are terrible and piercing to behold.

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