Series One: Nations of Men

Tuanna, Part One

Tuanna is this setting’s primary protagonist.  She is an island nation whose navy is on constant guard against any outside threat, and whose army stands ready to mobilize and strike wherever it’s needed.  They are a warrior race that believes in sending their sons into mandatory military service upon reaching “battle age”, which is to say the age of seventeen.

The people of Tuanna tend to have fair to ruddy complexions and dark hair, although it is not uncommon to find blonde hair among their ranks.  They are a proud and noble people who believe in sacrifice for the greater good.

Tuanna’s current king, Nuada Mac Lir, is the direct descendent of King Conn, Lord of a Hundred Battles.  He is the third king to sit upon the Throne and Stone since Tuanna reestablished itself as a nation in Lannithir.  Nuada is beloved by his people for his leadership and compassion; however, in recent years morale has been suffering within this great nation.

A character knows the following information with a successful skill check.

History DC 10:  Upon the Fall of the West, King Conn of Tuanna sent his queen and three sons, along with the remnant of his people to the eastern colonies of Lannithir.  With them went the Stone and Throne, and the Kingdom of Tuanna was reestablished as his eldest son, Ennis, was crowned King of the East.  Conn remained behind to fight, and die, as the last King of the West.   As the last of Tuanna’s ships were departing for the new lands, Kazdim’s emperor begged Conn to rescue his family and nobles from the dreadful fate that awaited them.  Conn bitterly agreed in exchange for Kazdim’s fealty.

In addition to its capital city of Falias, Tuanna is comprised of seven major duchies, granted limited rule by their king.  Each duchy is headed by a house descended from the ancient blood line of King Conn, collectively known as the Blood of Conn.

History DC 15:  King Nuada has been criticized of late for embracing The Path, also known as the Old Religion, or the religion of the ancients.  The Kingdom’s church still holds a strong belief in the traditional pantheon of the nine gods, and this rift has caused a disparaging movement among the people.

It has been customary in the past for Draigtir to provide a bride for each Tuannan king to marry from its royal line, thus insuring the ancient alliance between the two kingdoms.  Nuada, who has sat upon the throne for over twenty years, remains a bachelor king, yet another factor that has the Tuannan people concerned about their future.

Recently the Empire of Kazdim, who owes fealty to Tuanna for its rescue during the Fall of the West, has ceased its homage, and has called its emissaries home from Tuanna’s capital city.  At the same time, Kazdim has dismissed Tuanna’s emissaries from her empire.  Subsequently, reports of increased naval and military activity in Kazdim’s region have simultaneously caused Tuanna and Draigtir to remain on a high level of alert.

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