Series One: Nations of Men

Pohja, Part Two


Ferocious Warrior
Once per day you may reroll a saving throw.  You
must use the second result.

Badlands Scout
You add Endurance and Nature to your class skill
list, and you gain a +1 bonus to Endurance and
Nature checks.

Clan Voice
You add Bluff and Diplomacy to your class skill
list, and you gain a +1 bonus to Bluff and
Diplomacy checks.


Current Ruling Village; Population 21,500
Also known as Home of the Wolf, by reckoning of its current ruling clan, this village is typical of any found in Pohja.  Its walls and buildings are constructed of timber with thatched roofs, and there are many pens for holding herd animals.
Upon a large mound in the center of the village is the great Black House mead hall.  Within its walls are war banners, and tapestries depicting Pohja’s rich history of battle.  It is here that the Wolf, King Iso Vinamernen, spends his time in counsel with his skalds and chieftains.  It is also here where food, drink, and revelry are taken by the king and his warriors, in celebration of their unending pursuit of glory.

Population 8,500
Home to the Eagle Clan, this important village guards the ford of River Afonglas.  They’re ruled by King Kullervo, who is currently in league with High King Iso.

Population 9,750
This eastern village is home to the Bear Clan, which is ruled by King Ilmarinen.  Like Vasa in the west, Viso guards the ford of River Selkaranka.
The casualties and loss of this clan were staggering during both Barbarian Wars.

The coastline of this peninsula is lined with simple fishing villages.  Recent events have blemished a few of these villages with the mark of slave trade, and while many of the inhabitants may disagree with this abominable activity, there is very little they can do about it.  The territory these particular villages fall under is currently controlled by the Tursas Clan, and they will use whatever means necessary to not only insure their survival, but to also strengthen themselves.

This great and mystical wood is comprised mainly of pines, spruces, and firs, and is both revered and feared by the Pohjans.  They recognize the tremendous resource of timber that they have in the Finsamm, and have done well as foresters.  Of late however there have been reports of strange shadows lurking about the wood line, along with the call of unusual and wicked birds.  Travelers heading east will turn south on the Road of Valor and avoid the Eastern Road altogether, which runs through the forest.
The curious shadows and sounds coming from the Finsamm are, in fact, long range scouts of the Verdai tribe of Erdaim.  Though they have never ceased their occupation of this forest from days of old, the Verdaim have increased their activity lately with the unfolding of recent events.

The skalds of Pohja are not only courtly poets and story tellers, but also hold the power to grant or withhold sovereignty.  The skald is the voice of all the people, and is through which the king receives wisdom and the king’s judgments are dispensed.

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