Series One: Nations of Men

Pohja, Part One

Pohja is a land of fierce warriors and epic ballads.  When not at war with an outsider, the warbands of this nation’s many clans tend to fight amongst each other.  There is nothing more glorious to a Pohjan than combat, and nothing more honorable than dying in pursuit of that glory.  What these warriors lack in tactical and strategic skill on the battlefield, they more than make up for with their wild fits of rage and ferocity in combat.  Many an enemy of Pohja has been seen fleeing the field just from eye witnessing this account.
The current ruling faction of Pohja is the Clan of the Wolf, which is led by High King Iso Vinamernen.  He is a skilled warrior and an even more skilled negotiator, recognizing that the survival of his people is dependent upon unifying the clans.  Iso has a present distaste for his former allies, Tuanna and Draigtir, even though the three nations recently unified against the threat of the Giant War.  His people have had too much loss and suffering since their arrival in Lannithir, and he knows that expansion may be their only means of survival.
The folk of Pohja are a simple people, who go about their daily mundane tasks without complaint or want of recognition.  Their hardy nature lends itself well to the cold climate of Lannithir, as they originally hail from the northern reaches of Morithir.  Pohjans tend to have ruddy skin coloring, like their Tuannan and Draigen distant cousins, but that’s where the similarity ends.  A Pohjan is golden-haired, bright-eyed, tall and strong.  Their warrior’s don shining helms and brightly colored shields, and have been known to paint their faces before battle.  There are no great works of industry or art among the Pohjans, only the never ending pursuit of honor and personal glory on the field of battle.

A character knows the following information with a successful skill check.

History DC 10:  Pohja escaped the Fall of the West by putting as many people as she could on her numerous longships and fleeing.  Unlike Tuanna and Draigtir, Pohja did not already lay claim to land in Lannithir.  There was, however, plenty of room east of the River Afonglas for Pohja to colonize.

History DC 15:  Pohja has been a constant battleground since reforming as a nation in Lannithir.  Her lands and people have been trampled upon and despoiled by Ru’elim invaders during both Barbarian Wars.  Pohja was depleted of valuable iron ore after these hostilities ended, and her so-called allies only increased their cost to have it imported. This led to the Iron War, a rash decision to invade both Tuannan and Draigen territories that were abundant in iron, and her sons paid dearly for it.  Lastly, if all of this wasn’t enough, she gave even more blood during the War of the Giants, as her brave and beautiful warriors were felled by wave after wave of enemy invaders.  Pohja is war torn, and bitter.

History DC 20:  After the War of the Giants a new clan has emerged made up of young and disgruntled chieftains.  It is said that their hearts are calloused and cold, and they constantly brood over the suffering and inequity that has befallen their people.  This clan has chosen the Tursas (more commonly known as kraken) as their namesake, and many believe it is just a question of time before they challenge the sitting ruler.

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