Series One: Nations of Men

Draigtir, Part Two


Ironclad Defender
You gain proficiency with heavy shields.

Iron Willed Diplomat
You add Diplomacy and Insight to your class
skill list, and you gain a +1 bonus to
Diplomacy and Insight checks.

Western Historian
You add History to your class skill list, and
you gain a +3 bonus to History checks.


Capital City; Population 57,000
The City of the Dragon is where King Aeron rules from his Red Throne in Dragonkeep.  It is a major hub of commerce with a sizeable fleet of merchant ships that sail far and wide to market their valuable wares.  Because of the value of Draigensteel in Lannithir, the crown mandates that every merchant ship travels with a body of well armed guards to safeguard their priceless cargo.

Population 9,250
This village, in the Duchy of Cogan, is ruled by Duke Colwyn.  It stands guard at the Ford of Trevorn, which is the only crossing of the River Nahroa for leagues in either direction. The ford was valiantly held by Colwyn and his men against the Wittershin during the War of the Giants, as the enemy attempted to flank the alliance from the west.  Llan Trevorn suffered dearly during this conflict, but never fell.
With the recent events in Kazdim, combined with that empire’s past reputation, Duke Colwyn remains on high alert against any acts of aggression near his ford.

The Green Hills hold the fortress Iron Keep, which is the last means of protection along the Redway, before traveling south to the Kingdom’s capital of Dinas Draig.  It was in Iron Keep that the alliance made their final stand during the War of the Giants before their rescue.
Draigtir has many iron mines in these hills that fall under the protection of Iron Keep.  These mines came under attack by Pohja during the Iron War thirty seven years ago, in which Tuanna came to the aid of her long time ally.

Named after its bleak snow covered plain, this war torn region saw no less than four major battles during the War of the Giants.  Many valorous men from the nations of Draigtir, Pohja, and Tuanna fought and died here.
Since the War, the fortress Giantguard has been constructed at the mouth of the Pass of Giants and remains on constant vigil against the enemy.  A series of smaller forts, extending from Giantguard to Llan Trevorn, have also been built for increased security and observation.

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