Series One: Nations of Men

Draigtir, Part One

Draigtir is more commonly known by its people as Dragonland, for legend tells of a great red drake that formed the country’s very foundation with its fiery breath, and will one day return to consume the Kingdom’s enemies.  The people consider themselves descendants of this dragon, and often refer to themselves as dragons, or dragon-kin.

King Aeron is the eighth of his line to sit on the Red Throne and wield the renowned sword Draigrhudd.  He is a fair king who tends to be reserved, but has a passion for his people, their history, and their deeds.  As Tuanna’s most trusted ally and vassal, Aeron maintains a close and confidential relationship with King Nuada.  Either man would not hesitate to commit himself, and his resources, to the other in times of crisis.

The people of Draigtir resemble their Tuannan allies in physical appearance, although it would be much more common to find one with pale skin and red hair among the population.  They are a humble folk who prefer to let their actions, and works, speak for them.  They have a great love for building and crafts, and are among the finest weapon smiths in all of Lannithir.  The wealthy and noble of many nations pay good gold for Draigen works of steel.

A character knows the following information with a successful skill check.

History DC 10:  Draigtir managed to evacuate her nobility and many of her people, to the new colonies of Lannithir during the Fall of the West, much like her ally Tuanna.

History DC 15:  During the War of the Giants, Draigtir suffered greatly as she bore the brunt of that assault which began in the Pale Fields and ended at Brynn Gwyrth.  She and her allies, Tuanna and Pohja, fought a retreating effort for two bloody years, as the enemy continued to press on.  It seemed just a matter of time before Draigtir would yield to its aggressors.  Then, as the Draigen historians describe it, a miracle occurred – a strange and unknown army appeared on the battlefield and smashed into the enemies flank.  This gave the alliance time to regroup and drive their foe back into the Ardamghar Mountains.

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