Series One: Nations of Men

Tuanna, Part Two


Born Leader
Once per day, you or one ally within 5
squares can reroll an initiative check.  The
second result must be kept.

Urban Veteran
Learn an extra language of your choice, add
Diplomacy to your class skill list, and you
gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks.

Soldier of Fortune
You gain a +1 bonus to initiative checks and
saving throws whenever no allies are within
5 squares of you.


Capital City;
Population 71,000
Tuanna’s capital city represents the nation’s chief port, and one of the busiest centers of trade in Lannithir.  It is guarded by the High Navy’s home fleet, a squadron of warships who stand ready to defend the capital from a sea based attack.   Falias also houses Tuanna’s largest army, known as the Host, within the walls of its magnificent keep.
The day-to-day affairs of the Kingdom are run in Falias by Nuada and his very capable lords, captains, and masters.  Among them is Watch Lord Tranis, Captain of Towers.  He, along with his trusted Watch, not only maintain order throughout Falias, but also manage the vast network of roads, bridges, towers, and tollhouses throughout the land.

Population 31,500
Located on Ulster Island, the port city of Murias holds the Fortress of Loyal Followers, which garrisons Tuanna’s second largest army.  This fortress is also the home of Fighter’s School, where a warrior of Tuanna (or even a foreigner if he is sponsored), may be invited to train with the finest weapon masters in Lannithir.  A graduate of Fighter’s School becomes a sworn sword to the Stone and Throne, as well as a lifetime reservist, meaning he will receive full rights and privileges from all Fighters Houses throughout Tuanna.

Population 10,500
On the southern shore of the Lake of Serpents lies the town of Gorias, which is home to the Red Monastery.  This abbey is run by the Manachs who although hail from Draigtir, serve Tuanna through a sacred pact formed between these two kingdoms.
Recently a reliquary was discovered by the Rangers of Tuanna, who were instructed by the king to deliver it to Red Monastery.  With the help of the Manachs, Nuada was able to translate the ancient codices found within the reliquary, which speak of a singular god and the path to righteousness.  Nuada has become obsessed with this information and believes the new discovery directly relates to the old religion of the ancients.  Also in Gorias is the headquarters of the Rangers of Tuanna, the Fortress of Blackbirds.  These elite warriors are the eyes and ears of the Stone and Throne, and are constantly putting themselves in harm’s way on their daring missions to maintain security throughout Lannithir.  They keep bases of training and operations on the islands of Fical and Innis Guard, as well as Brynn Gwyrth and the Iron Downs.

This iron rich region is still contested today between Tuanna and her one time ally Pohja.  The Iron War was fought here, and at Brynn Gwyrth in Draigtir, thirty seven years earlier as resource-depleted Pohja struck out in an attempt to secure precious iron ore.

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