Series One: Nations of Men

Krey, Part Two

 “The Crescent Raiders seek neither rest nor peace, for they are made of the very oak and steel from which they sail upon, and have the tempest coursing through their veins.  Woe to those who transgress upon their domain, for the payment due is blood and carnage.”
When men fled the western world by ship approximately 120 years ago, several of the vessels were lost to mutiny.  These rogue ships united and headed south to a more tropical clime, fleeing the main body which ultimately landed on the shores of the Lannithir.  Low on supplies and morale, the mutinous armada came upon a large cluster of islands formed like a crescent.  There were five islands total, and the largest of them was named Krey.  Over the course of the last century the settlers have expanded and populated all five islands, and have managed to establish commerce with Kazdim and Pohja.  They are a harsh yet disciplined people, and perhaps the finest sailors on Olam.
     Among these first settlers was the last heir of Lusinia, who had secretly escaped before his kingdom had been completely annihilated in the fall of the west.  His name was Baejter I, and he immediately began in the rebuilding of his kingdom, starting first with his precious navy.  The Baejter’s who followed continued their predecessors progress in re-establishing dominance on the high sea.
     Now in the Year of the Crossing 119, the Crescent Isles have been passed on to the fourth and most cruel generation of Baejters; Alain FisBaejter.  Alain has appointed himself First Sea Lord, and realizing his kingdom’s depletion of natural resources, has gone to extreme measures to insure its survival.  First, understanding the demand for labor in the survival and growth of his kingdom, he has legalized the acquisition, application and trade of slavery.  Second, he has commissioned any armed ship, be it merchant or war, to search, seize, or destroy any enemy vessel on the high sea.  Alain has issued a letter of marque to any aforementioned would-be privateer, legitimizing what would normally be considered piracy, so long as they fly the Krey colors.  This letter has attracted all manner of outcast and undesirable sailors and ships from the mainland, including the native Ru’elim.
     The Kingdom of Krey is now an aggressor nation, and she has her eyes set upon expansion and conquest.

Krey Background
You take Lusinian as your nation’s tongue, you add Athletics and Bluff to your class skill list, and you gain a +1 bonus to Athletics checks and Bluff checks.  You also can use no quarter given as an encounter power.

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  1. Reed

    For skill bonuses I was thinking that athletics might be a better choice, or alternate choice. A lot of the skills you would need on a ship would involve climbing, and jumping. Love the encounter power :)

    Comment by Reed on November 1, 2010 at 7:59 am

  2. illpressdon

    Thanks for visiting the site and posting, Reed! I appreciate the imput and will consider it. I think you make valid point.

    Comment by illpressdon on November 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm

  3. Illpress_Don

    I will be creating a list of several background options (along with their respective skill bonuses) to each nation, as opposed to the example of current background option listed under the Krey.

    Comment by Illpress_Don on November 7, 2010 at 8:17 am

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