Series Four: Religion

The Pantheons of Men

Over 4,000 years ago the Alomerim assumed flesh bodies and walked Olam.  They were led into this temptation by the dark enemy Malvorn, who promised them that they too would be worshipped by Er’s children.  Overcome with desire for power and reverence, the Alomerim meddled directly in the affairs of men, and to the delight of Malvorn, have been worshipped as gods ever since.
     Each nation has developed its own pantheon and unique names for all nine of these so called gods.  In keeping with the traditions of their ancestors these nations still hold these nine in reverence.  This has caused a great fury with Er, for he is a jealous god.

Below are the original names of all nine Alomerim along with their alignment and domains.

The following are the names of each of “the gods” in respect to each pantheon of men.

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