Series Four: Religion

Here we will take a look at both extremeties of the religious spectrum in the Illfrost Campaign Setting.

The Orach

The Orach, or Path, is more of an enlightened state of mind than a man made religion.  One accepting the living god Er and entering a covenant with him will be set upon this righteous path and will receive spiritual discernment.  Most men look upon the path as an antiquated religion of old that is filled with legend and superstition. 

The Ruach – The Unquenchable Fire of Er.  It is his spirit and breath, and the source of power that his children channel into.  The Unquenchable Fire is comforting to followers of the Path, but it is a bane to the enemies of Er.

The Shamah – The is the expanse, or realm, of Er.  Those Eromerim and Alomerim still loyal to their creator can be found here, and it is where Er’s great amber throne of judgment sits.

One entering a covenant with the living god Er and following the path will receive the following benefits:


You gain a +1 bonus to saving throws.


The Chalal

Also known as the spirit of desolation and the subversion of truth, the Chalal is the will and way of the dark enemy, Malvorn. 

The Nezersheth – Or Iron Crown, is Malvorn’s self appointed station where he governs all corruption, confusion and hate.  All three of the fallen Neromerim are empowered by the dark enemy through the Iron Crown, as are any mortals channeling the dark arts.

Those who willingly accept the Chalal and serve Malvorn and the Iron Crown may access the following abilites:


Upon attaining a level, you may choose to sacrifice three points from any single ability score, in order to add one point to an ability score of your choice.

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