Series Four: Religion

Creation and the Apostasy

At the dawning the living god Er created the planet Olam and commanded his greatest servants, the Eromerim, to shape it.  Er entrusted each of these four servants with a key element vital to Olam’s composition.  First there was Anir, who was charged with all matters of the air.  Next was Onin, who governed the movement of water.  Then there was Enik, whose domain was earth.  Finally there came Aunoch, who was given great knowledge, and was entrusted with bringing fire to Er’s creation.
     Er then directed his nine lesser servants, the Alomerim, to assist the Eromerim with their task.  Each of these nine was unique in design and purpose, and together all of Er’s servants carried out the will of their creator, and Olam was forged.
     Er next wished to fill his creation with his children, so into existence he spoke the first born Erdaim, who were tasked as guardians of Olam.  Following these, Er next spoke the second born Aldaim, or Men, into existence, and to them he granted the gift of free will.  Er gave all of his children dominion over Olam, and his children revered him. 
     And so it came to pass that the mighty Eromer Aunoch fell to jealousy and pride for he too wanted to be revered by Er’s children.  So he took the gift of fire and fled to the bowels of Olam, where he used his wickedness to sow envy and hate amongst Er’s servants.  For his betrayal Aunoch’s name was stricken from the book of life, and he was renamed Malvorn, the dark enemy.          
     Malvorn then established his unholy Iron Crown, where he governs all corruption and confusion, and he successfully seduced three of Er’s Alomerim into his conspiracy.  These three fallen servants, now known as the Neromerim, have also had their names stricken from the book of life, for they have followed Malvorn where he has empowered them with his Iron Crown.

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