Series Five: Weapons & Armor

The world of Illfrost is a low magic setting where the superior craftsmanship of weapons and armor replaces those you would normally find enchanted in most standard settings.  This is not to say that there are no such enchanted items in Illfrost, just that they will be rare finds indeed.
     Most weapons of quality are considered to be heirlooms passed down from father to son, through the generations.  A weapon master of Tuanna, or even a master smith of Draigtir, would say that weapons are, in a fashion, alive, civilized, and therefore name worthy.

As iron is a rare and precious commodity in Lannithir, steel weapons and protection are a luxury not afforded by most.  In Tuanna and Draigtir, for example, chainmail is reserved for officers and commanders, while the common soldier wears hide armor at best.  In most instances, only nobility can afford to wear and maintain any armor of quality higher than chain.

FUR LINED ARMOR – The harsh elements of Lannithir can be brutal on a warrior wearing metal armor.  For an additional 10% of the cost, most smiths will line a PC’s armor with fur.  This will eliminate the -2 penalty suffered to Endurance checks for wearing metal armor.

MASTERWORK SWORDS – There is only one nation of men whose smiths are so skilled as to create masterwork swords.  That nation is Draigtir, and the weapons are forged with damask patterns which are produced by a secret welding technique. One explanation of the legendary properties of Draigensteel is that the pattern consists of alternating bands of harder, brittle iron carbide and softer, more flexible iron. Whatever the mystery, it is a close guarded secret that Draigen smiths will only impart upon their most trusted adepts.

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