Series Five: Weapons & Armor


There are no finer blades found on Olam than those crafted by the Erdaim.  The guarded secrets of heat treatment, quenching, and tempering a sword have been passed down by the first born for over three millennium.  Nevertheless there are only a handful of select masters remaining who can still produce a weapon of quality as their ancestors did before them.   These master swordsmiths regard their craft with great nobility, and it is said that they intertwine their blades with sacred oaths of honor and glory.

SEYSHETH – The swordsmiths of the Elerdaim have developed a metal that they call Seysheth, or grey steel.  It can be beaten and polished without weakening, and its greyish-silver color will not tarnish.  Seysheth is also very light and harder than any other metal save Malsheth, therefore weapons forged from it are very formidable.

MALSHETH – Maltoth, King of the Malerdaim, created the dark metal known as Malsheth, or dark steel, which is harder than steel even when crafted very thin.  Swords fashioned with this rare and precious metal are superior to even Seysheth blades, and therefore the most exceptional blades in known existence.    

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