Series Five: Weapons & Armor


Each of the nations of men has a superior one-handed weapon that has been developed specifically by the weapon smiths of that nation. 

TUANNA- Spatha: Slightly longer than the short sword and having a significantly wider blade, the spatha can be used as a thrusting weapon with devastating effect.

DRAIGTIR- Hand and a half sword: Also known as the bastard sword, this blade has no legitimate claim to either a single-handed weapon or two-handed weapon, hence its name.

POHJA- Northman: This axe is heavily weighted for greater cleaving power, thus requiring considerable training to wield.

KAZDIM- Jambia: The jambia’s hilt and scabbard are typically decorated with precious metals and stones.  However, one would be making a fatal mistake in assuming this lethal curved dagger is only ceremonial.

KREY- Cutlass: This short, broad slashing sword has a slightly curved blade sharpened on the cutting edge, and often features a hilt with a solid cupped guard.

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