Illfrost: Retribution – Sneak-Peak

As you will recall from Illfrost: Bondage, Kazdim’s new emperor had established a slave trade operation in an abandoned temple located on Claw Isle, within the Strait of Ruinn.  The PCs were transported to the island and sold as slaves to the Kazdites running the operation, before turning the table on their captors and escaping.  Hopefully what followed next was the defeat of the temple’s inhabitants by the PCs, along with the rescue of any remaining slaves.
The slave lord, and master of operations on Claw Isle, Shardeth Kazar, should have escaped the temple after leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of the PCs.  His destination is the stockade on Innis Oig, where the PCs will meet him again in this adventure.

Over a decade ago, Sargon, prince of the Kazdim Empire, secretly swore allegiance to Necrath in exchange for power.  The prince then murdered his father, the emperor, in cold blood and has been ruling Kazdim through the use of the Dark Arts granted to him by the Ice Duke ever since. Through the continued influence and counsel of Necrath, Sargon has built and equipped a very capable army in the years that followed.   Furthermore, he has broadened the empire’s vast network of spies and informants throughout Lannithir, in an effort to increase the intelligence gathered on the other nations of men.  The prince has funded all of this through many illicit and unethical means including, but not limited to, slave trade.  One such enterprise is the operation on Claw Isle, located within the Strait of Ruinn.  For this Sargon charged one of his most trusted and capable officers, Shardeth Kazar, to head the endeavor.
Recently, Sargon has cut off all ties and treaties with the other kingdoms, and has demanded all foreign dignitaries within the borders of his empire to withdraw or face arrest.  This included the Kingdom of Tuanna, whom Kazdim has owed fealty to for the past 119 years.

With their recent escape from bondage and the defeat of the temple’s slave operation, the PCs have been granted a field commission by Commander Scathach of the Tuannan Rangers.  In exchange for their service to the Stone and Throne, Scathach has promised them a monetary reward that is to be collected once aboard the Tuannan man-o-war, Vanguard.  Presently the rangers and the PCs must deal with the safe evacuation of the freed slaves, as well as the elimination of the wittershin observation posts.
What the PCs will discover during the next course of events is that there is a wittershin stockade recently constructed on Innis Oig; a larger island located directly to Claw Isle’s east.  Necrath himself ordered Prince Sargon to construct the stockade, not only to house more slaves and secure the area, but also as a strategic location in which the wittershin may launch nearby raids.  The Ice Duke personally handpicked one of his most competent and crafty servants to manage this activity; Lord Lazelin, a mighty wittershin who has tactical command over all activities upon Innis Oig, Sentry Isle, and within the Strait of Ruinn.  Along with Lazelin, Sargon sent the Priestess Kishar, who runs the slave operation within the stockade, and oversees the breeding pits of the talin.
If willing, the PCs must now assist the Stone and Throne (the governing body of the Kingdom of Tuanna) in investigating the stockade, and if necessary, bring justice upon its occupants.

Illfrost: Retribution is an adventure for five 2nd-level characters.  It is the second installment of the Illfrost Adventure Path, and is meant to be run as the sequel to Illfrost: Bondage but can be used as a standalone adventure.

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