Illfrost: Retribution – On Sale Now!

Illfrost: Retribution, a 4th Edition compatible Heroic Level Two Adventure Path Module, and the second adventure in the signature line of products from Illusionary Press, is on sale now at,, and
Order yours today for just $12.95.  That’s nearly 30% off of the original cover price! 
Illfrost: Retribution will continue to have your players chilled to the bone by its unrelenting environment, increasingly difficult challenges, and unimaginable horrors. Illfrost: Retribution represents the second step into the Illfrost Adventure Path, which will ultimately span 30 levels.

The Illfrost campaign setting is a vast world whose frozen reaches will truly test your players as they face new monsters, struggle to survive in an unforgiving climate, and face a dread so malevolent that it will leave the shivering in their fur-lined boots and eagerly coming back for more…if they survive.
Get yours today and…
Challenge your players.  Challenge your game.  Challenge yourself!
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