Series Seven: The Enemy

NECRATH The primary nemesis of this campaign setting, which initially starts on the continent of Lannithir, is Necrath, the Ice Duke.  Formerly known as Kemuel, an Alomerim created by Er to assist the Eromerim, Necrath fell to Malvorn’s temptation along with Lamech and Tebah.  By joining in the conspiracy against the Creator, Necrath was given […]

Series Six: Chracter Classes

RESTRICTED CLASSES The following classes are available only with approval from the DM, who must ensure there is a clear understanding as to how each fits into the world of Illfrost, and how they should be played. AVENGER The divine oaths of the avenger are granted by the living god Er, through his Unquenchable Fire.  […]

Series Five: Weapons & Armor

WEAPONS OF THE ERDAIM There are no finer blades found on Olam than those crafted by the Erdaim.  The guarded secrets of heat treatment, quenching, and tempering a sword have been passed down by the first born for over three millennium.  Nevertheless there are only a handful of select masters remaining who can still produce […]

Series Two: Races of Lannithir

Erdai, Part Two The Ancients.  The first born spoken into existence by the living god Er have been granted immortality, and charged as guardians of Olam.  They follow the righteous path of the Orach, and are given their power through Er’s Unquenchable Fire.  The Erdaim are slender and strong, and slightly taller than men, although […]

Series Two: Races of Lannithir

Erdai, Part One The dawn twilight glittered off of the snow-covered pines as Selanne glided silently across the forest floor.  He was just out of sight of the wittershin foot patrol, which was lumbering along the wooded trail.  Thick clouds of vapor poured out of their mouths and noses into the still frigid air.  There […]

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