Series Four: Religion

The Pantheons of Men Over 4,000 years ago the Alomerim assumed flesh bodies and walked Olam.  They were led into this temptation by the dark enemy Malvorn, who promised them that they too would be worshipped by Er’s children.  Overcome with desire for power and reverence, the Alomerim meddled directly in the affairs of men, […]

Series Three: History

The Second Age – The Crossing of the Stone Prior to the twenty year War of the West, the maritime kingdom of Tuanna discovered a habitable continent to the east while exploring the Gorm Ocean.  She shared this discovery with her closest ally, Draigtir, and both kingdoms slowly began to colonize this new land which […]

Series Three: History

The First Age – The Fall of the West For two millennia the peoples of the West fought and struggled against one another, until the seven most prominent nations were forged into the continent of Morithir.  These were Tuanna, Draigtir, Pohja, Kazdim, Lusinia, Vanzig, and Ruskolyn.      These kingdoms continued to develop and survive despite the […]

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