Illfrost: Retribution – Sneak-Peak

THE STORY THUS FAR… As you will recall from Illfrost: Bondage, Kazdim’s new emperor had established a slave trade operation in an abandoned temple located on Claw Isle, within the Strait of Ruinn.  The PCs were transported to the island and sold as slaves to the Kazdites running the operation, before turning the table on […]

Illfrost Bondage Teaser

With the recent release of Illfrost:Bondage, we thought we give you a little peek at the module, starting with the Introduction: INTRODUCTION In the century that has passed since settling into the eastern continent of Lannithir, the four kingdoms of men have seen their share of struggle and conflict.  Through their continued growth and expansion […]

Series One: Nations of Men

Pohja, Part Two BACKGROUND OPTIONS Ferocious Warrior Once per day you may reroll a saving throw.  You must use the second result. Badlands Scout You add Endurance and Nature to your class skill list, and you gain a +1 bonus to Endurance and Nature checks. Clan Voice You add Bluff and Diplomacy to your class […]

Series One: Nations of Men

Pohja, Part One Pohja is a land of fierce warriors and epic ballads.  When not at war with an outsider, the warbands of this nation’s many clans tend to fight amongst each other.  There is nothing more glorious to a Pohjan than combat, and nothing more honorable than dying in pursuit of that glory.  What […]

Series One: Nations of Men

Draigtir, Part Two BACKGROUND OPTIONS Ironclad Defender You gain proficiency with heavy shields. Iron Willed Diplomat You add Diplomacy and Insight to your class skill list, and you gain a +1 bonus to Diplomacy and Insight checks. Western Historian You add History to your class skill list, and you gain a +3 bonus to History checks. FEATURES OF DRAIGTIR […]

Series Seven: The Enemy

NECRATH The primary nemesis of this campaign setting, which initially starts on the continent of Lannithir, is Necrath, the Ice Duke.  Formerly known as Kemuel, an Alomerim created by Er to assist the Eromerim, Necrath fell to Malvorn’s temptation along with Lamech and Tebah.  By joining in the conspiracy against the Creator, Necrath was given […]

Series Three: History

The Second Age – The Crossing of the Stone Prior to the twenty year War of the West, the maritime kingdom of Tuanna discovered a habitable continent to the east while exploring the Gorm Ocean.  She shared this discovery with her closest ally, Draigtir, and both kingdoms slowly began to colonize this new land which […]

Series Two: Races of Lannithir

Erdai, Part One The dawn twilight glittered off of the snow-covered pines as Selanne glided silently across the forest floor.  He was just out of sight of the wittershin foot patrol, which was lumbering along the wooded trail.  Thick clouds of vapor poured out of their mouths and noses into the still frigid air.  There […]

Series One: Nations of Men

Krey, Part One Cormier paced steadily across the quarterdeck of the Iron Ghost.  He stopped and looked up at the mainsail hanging lifeless from its yard, before raising his spyglass toward the object of his pursuit.  The Tuannan merchantman, Silver Scale, was escaping.  Although well within range of the Iron Ghost’s ballista, Cormier dared not […]

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