Series One: Nations of Men

Tuanna, Part One Tuanna is this setting’s primary protagonist.  She is an island nation whose navy is on constant guard against any outside threat, and whose army stands ready to mobilize and strike wherever it’s needed.  They are a warrior race that believes in sending their sons into mandatory military service upon reaching “battle age”, […]

Series Seven: The Enemy

NECRATH The primary nemesis of this campaign setting, which initially starts on the continent of Lannithir, is Necrath, the Ice Duke.  Formerly known as Kemuel, an Alomerim created by Er to assist the Eromerim, Necrath fell to Malvorn’s temptation along with Lamech and Tebah.  By joining in the conspiracy against the Creator, Necrath was given […]

Series Six: Character Classes

Illfrost is a very martial campaign setting.  The valiant deeds of western man were based on cold steel and courage, not sorcery.  No form of arcane power existed on the western continent of Morithir until Nedred the destroyer released it like a scourge upon his neighbors, thus forcing the kingdoms of men to flee their […]

Series Three: History

The Second Age – The Crossing of the Stone Prior to the twenty year War of the West, the maritime kingdom of Tuanna discovered a habitable continent to the east while exploring the Gorm Ocean.  She shared this discovery with her closest ally, Draigtir, and both kingdoms slowly began to colonize this new land which […]

Series Three: History

The First Age – The Fall of the West For two millennia the peoples of the West fought and struggled against one another, until the seven most prominent nations were forged into the continent of Morithir.  These were Tuanna, Draigtir, Pohja, Kazdim, Lusinia, Vanzig, and Ruskolyn.      These kingdoms continued to develop and survive despite the […]

Series One: Nations of Men

Krey, Part One Cormier paced steadily across the quarterdeck of the Iron Ghost.  He stopped and looked up at the mainsail hanging lifeless from its yard, before raising his spyglass toward the object of his pursuit.  The Tuannan merchantman, Silver Scale, was escaping.  Although well within range of the Iron Ghost’s ballista, Cormier dared not […]

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